Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inaugural "Old Bro" Lunch Event - 3/18/11

Last Friday a dozen Old Bro's gathered for a lunch get-together at the Il Fornaio restaurant in Old Town Pasadena.  The event was organized and hosted by Gary Schwary (EpSig 727), and those in attendance included (clockwise from left in the photo below) Michael J. Harness, Jim Kaldem, Lenny Poirier, Tuck Meador, Tom Larson, Mike LaCroix, Larry Mazzeo, Brett Rowley, Gary Schwary, Ed Mann, John Morris, and Dave Adelman.

Ernie Marchosky was a late arrival but stopped in to say howdy, on his way to Santa Anita to watch the ponies run.

Old Bro Network is glad to see Old Bro's getting together for something OTHER than a memorial service, and we encourage anyone to, like The Schwaz, put together an event like this one for the Old Bro's in your area.

If anyone does plan something like this, let me know about it and I'll publicize it on the Old Bro Network so everyone is aware of what's going on in the future.  Just look in the right hand column of this page for a list of upcoming "Old Bro" events, and drop me a note if you'd like more info about any of them.

EpSig 700 

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