Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ernie Marchosky's Ticket Brokerage

Ernie Marchosky (EpSig 714) sent me a note the other day and asked me to pass along the following info:

I am in the process of syndicating out both LA Clippers and LA Kings tickets for next year.

LA Clippers tickets are Section 111, Row 4, Seats 15-16 (center court 4 rows up from floor).

LA Kings tickets are Section 112, Row 3, Seats 1-2 (blue line 3 rows off glass on aisle).

Parking included for both.

LA Clippers tickets are $335 per game, LA Kings tickets are $205 per game, including both tickets & parking.

I currently have commitments for 21 of the 41 LA Clippers home games, and for 10 of the 39 LA Kings home games.

I would like to sell in blocks of five games minimum, let me know if you are interested.

Ernie would also like to assure everyone that this is NOT a Ponzi scheme, and that he has NOT opened up any offshore accounts in the Cayman Islands to handle these transactions (well, not recently at least).

Just kidding, of course, give Ernie a holler if you're interested in obtaining tickets for a few games at Staples Center next year.

Photo above of the ticket broker himself from Chuck Campbell's EpSig2 collection on his Facebook page.

EpSig 700 

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