Friday, February 11, 2011

100th Old Bro is ...... ???

Wow !! ..... I never imagined that the Old Bro Network would grow to reach 100 members.  It's great to see that many of you Old Bro's have embraced the concept and are forwarding contact info on other Old Bro's to be added to the list.

Based on the reasons why this whole thing started in the first place, I thought that it would only be fitting that the roster spot as the "100th Old Bro" be filled (in memoriam) by the man whose actions literally were the spark that started this little project in the first place .......... my pledge bro, Dave Rufener (EpSig 697).

Dave's untimely and tragic passing brought several of us together early last year, and our vow that night to keep in touch more often eventually grew into this network of contact info that we can now all share.

The other message that hit us all hard that night is that life is shorter than you think, and that the friendships you make along the way are something to be cherished.

So lift your glasses and toast along with me ......

Here's to brother Rufener,
He's with us tonight
He's happy, he's jolly,
He's horny, by golly,
Here's to brother Rufener,
He's with us tonight !!
..... and he always will be.

One of our best athletes during his time in the house, Dave was pretty much a stud in whatever sport he tried.  And he absolutely loved to compete, no matter what sport it was.

PARTY TIME !!  That's our boy Dave in the all white tux in the back row.  I believe this photo is of all of the bro's who came out of the Hedrick Hall dorm and joined Lambda Chi in the mid-70's, along with our dates at the 1976 Winter Formal.

If you'd like to make a comment or remembrance about Dave, feel free to say whatever you'd like in the comment box below, then click the "Post Comment" button below the box to publish it.


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