Monday, February 28, 2011

"Mud Bowl" flashback photo circa 1976


Hint #1 -- The Old Bro who submitted this photo is the guy in the middle wearing what looks like a green sleeved shirt.  For this he gets a "Stud of the Week" mention.

Hint #2 -- The Old Bro who is flipping you off front right has initials DK.

No more hints, you're on your own figuring out the rest !!

If any of you OTHER Old Bro's have photos in digital formats that you would like to share, send them to me and I'll post them here on the Old Bro Network.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

SIX Eras of New Old Bro's - 2/24/11

The Old Bro Network is pleased to announce the addition of TEN new Old Bro's, plus updated info for TWO Old Bro's.

This update contains the widest span, in terms of zeta number, of any update that's been issued.  We have new Old Bro's with zeta numbers in the 500's, 600's, 700's, 800's, 900's, and 1100's - six eras worth of EpSigs.  Interest in the Old Bro Network remains strong, and that's purely the result of all of YOU sending in info on other Old Bro's to join our ranks.

Please welcome our first members from the 500 zeta club (possibly to be known as the Yoda Bro's - very old and very wise), Dennis Hearst (EpSig 584) and Craig Andrews (EpSig 598).

From the 600's, Old Bro Network has tracked down the esteemed City Manager from the city of Clayton, CA ..... aka EpSig 677 ..... Gary Napper.  Along with his wife and their four children, Gary is enjoying the lifestyle up in NoCal, drop him a note if you'd like to say howdy.

Checking in via Facebook this week are Ed McGawley (EpSig 767) and Ruben Franco (EpSig 860).  Again, for any of you Old Bro's on Facebook, check your "friends" and if any of them are Old Bro's who are not on this list, point them in my direction and I'll get them hooked up.

Our first "Stud of the Week" mention goes to a TWO-TIME stud, Gerald Sauer, who forwarded contact info on NEW Old Bro Steve Duralde (EpSig 821).  If you want to know what a two-time stud looks like, here you go .....

Old Bro Network believes that Gerald could probably do just as well as any other potential Dodger left fielders this year, so we say ..... go for it, bro !!

Next, we must pay tribute to our first THREE TIME "Stud of the Week", Harold Hofer, who sent in contact info on Jim Neiger (EpSig 919) and Tom Neiger (EpSig 981).  Hof's been a stud for several decades now, here's evidence of the Phi Kappa Psi slayer in action:

Check out the hang time on that jumper !!

Our final "Stud of the Week" mention for this update goes to Chuck Campbell, who forwarded contact info on Steve Barker (EpSig 1110).

Also, John Kohler (EpSig 640) and Greg Korth (EpSig 739) have sent in updated info.  All of the new and updated e-cards have been e-mailed out, and with these additional Old Bro's our roster count now stands at 112.

As always, if you have contact info for any other Old Bro's not currently on the roster, send it to me and I'll get them added to the list.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

100th Old Bro is ...... ???

Wow !! ..... I never imagined that the Old Bro Network would grow to reach 100 members.  It's great to see that many of you Old Bro's have embraced the concept and are forwarding contact info on other Old Bro's to be added to the list.

Based on the reasons why this whole thing started in the first place, I thought that it would only be fitting that the roster spot as the "100th Old Bro" be filled (in memoriam) by the man whose actions literally were the spark that started this little project in the first place .......... my pledge bro, Dave Rufener (EpSig 697).

Dave's untimely and tragic passing brought several of us together early last year, and our vow that night to keep in touch more often eventually grew into this network of contact info that we can now all share.

The other message that hit us all hard that night is that life is shorter than you think, and that the friendships you make along the way are something to be cherished.

So lift your glasses and toast along with me ......

Here's to brother Rufener,
He's with us tonight
He's happy, he's jolly,
He's horny, by golly,
Here's to brother Rufener,
He's with us tonight !!
..... and he always will be.

One of our best athletes during his time in the house, Dave was pretty much a stud in whatever sport he tried.  And he absolutely loved to compete, no matter what sport it was.

PARTY TIME !!  That's our boy Dave in the all white tux in the back row.  I believe this photo is of all of the bro's who came out of the Hedrick Hall dorm and joined Lambda Chi in the mid-70's, along with our dates at the 1976 Winter Formal.

If you'd like to make a comment or remembrance about Dave, feel free to say whatever you'd like in the comment box below, then click the "Post Comment" button below the box to publish it.


Old Bro Membership into Triple Digits - 2/11/11

Thanks to all of you Old Bro's out there who have submitted contact info on yourself as well as others, the Old Bro Network is pleased to announce that our roster count has now broken through the 100 barrier !!

The coveted title of "100th Old Bro" goes to ........ click HERE to find out.

Stud of the Week honors (and to be forever known as the Old Bro who pushed us all over the hump and into the 100 Club) go to an Old Bro who wishes to remain anonymous, who forwarded contact info for three new Old Bro's, Greg Korth (EpSig 739), Tim Goodman (EpSig 857), and Doug Cole (EpSig 858).

Photo at left is of an earlier version of the anonymous Old Bro (EpSig 741, if you're keeping score), posted on Chuck Campbell's Facebook page and definitely taken a looooooong time ago ..... what's with the pliers, dude ??

Checking in via Facebook this week is Willy Reese (EpSig 923), who becomes the first Old Bro from the 900 zeta club.  Willy has promised the Old Bro Network that he will rally other 900 zeta Old Bro's to our cause, how well he delivers will be determined as we move forward ..... please welcome him into the Old Bro Network.

Updated info has been sent in by Tom Larson (EpSig 612), and Greg Anicich (EpSig 681).

New & updated e-cards have been e-mailed to all, and as usual, if anyone has contact info on any Old Bro who is NOT currently on the roster, send it to me and I'll get them added to the group.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Old Bro checks in .....

One of many who played a significant part in my decision to join Lambda Chi was the Rush Chairman at the time, Vic Hurtado (EpSig 682).  Here's some info on Vic back in the day .....

Fast forward to the present day, and Vic is now one of our public servants, working for the U.S. State Dept. as a foreign diplomat in the Middle East.  The other day the Old Bro Network received the following letter from Vic:

Just wanted to remind all you Old Bro's out there that this Old Bro Network was originally started on the idea of sharing news about what's going on in our lives, and NOT just sharing news about illness or death.

Keep in touch ..... if you have any news to share, send it to me and I'll make sure it gets posted on the Old Bro Network.  Photos are cool as well, either from back in the day or of what's happening with you now.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Old Bro Signing Day - 2/2/11

To coincide with National Signing Day for college football recruits, the Old Bro Network would like to announce that we have recruited and signed up NINE new Old Bro's, plus receiving updated commitments from TWO Old Bro's.

"Stud of the Week" mentions go out to Steve Sann (a new Old Bro himself), Harold Hofer (our second two-time Stud of the Week), Mike Benavente, and Terry Maroney, who mentioned the Old Bro website to one of this weeks new Old Bro's.  YOU TOO can be recognized as a "Stud of the Week" by forwarding contact info on an Old Bro not currently on the list.

We have two new Old Bro's from the 600 zeta regime.  Charlie Bogner (EpSig 602) takes over the pole position as "low zeta" of our little group, and Greg Anicich (EpSig 681) has checked in as well.

From the 700's club, please welcome Craig Bockman (EpSig 710), Greg Coates (EpSig 765), and Steve Sann (EpSig 784).

From the ranks of the 800's, checking in via Facebook from San Antonio, Texas is George Siegal (EpSig 828).

Finally, we have three new Old Bro's whose zeta numbers are above 1000.  Each of these guys have been instrumental in the revival of the chapter house on campus.  Tim O'Rourke (EpSig 1010) and Robert Frackleton (EpSig 1103) are both acting as Alumni Advisors to the house, and Trevor Kirschner (EpSig 1131) served as the High Pi to the chapter when it was first re-formed on campus.  I suppose you might consider these gentlemen to be a bridge between the eras of Old Bro's and New Bro's.  The work they are continuing to do for the local chapter house is truly studly, please welcome them to the Old Bro Network.

Updated info was sent in by Vic Hurtado (EpSig 682), who also informed me that this summer he will be moving to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates as the Deputy Chief of Mission for the U.S. Embassy there.  Updated info was also sent in by Ray Schwartz (EpSig 689), who recently spent some time in Cancun partying with the recently retired Tuck Meador (EpSig638).  Ray reports that Tuck and his lovely wife are now on a cruise ship somewhere in South American waters.

New and updated e-cards have been sent to all, bringing the total count of Old Bro's on the roster to 97, inching ever closer to the coveted "100th Old Bro" slot.  Who will it be ??  Stay tuned .........

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