Friday, January 21, 2011

New Old Bro's + Updates - January 21, 2011

The Old Bro Network has had another good week, adding SEVEN more Old Bro's to the ranks while also receiving an update for ONE Old Bro.

First up, Gary Messerotes earns a "Stud of the Week" mention for forwarding contact info on BOTH John Kohler (EpSig 640) and Drew Kohler (EpSig 692).  Mezzo also updated his contact info with his cell number, their new & updated info has been added to the list.

Batting second in this week's lineup, Mike Feinberg gets a "Stud of the Week" mention by forwarding contact info on the pride of New York, Ray Schwartz (EpSig 689).  Please welcome Ray Ray to the group.

Batting third, Bill Schlichter earns his SECOND "Stud of the Week" mention by forwarding contact info on the Old Bro who preceded me as the shortstop on the world class Lambda Chi intramural softball team ….. Jack Power (EpSig 667) !!  By the way, Jack was WAY better at shortstop than I ever was.

And in the cleanup spot, the Old Bro Network is humbled to announce the presence of THE MAN ……….. THE MYTH ……… THE LEGEND ………. none other than EpSig 632 himself ……….. Doug Ledsam !!  Doug & Allyson still live down in the San Diego area, send him a note if you'd like to say howdy or whatever.

Next, Mark Gordon (EpSig 833) contacted me through Facebook this week ….. many of you Old Bro's are registered on Facebook, and if you are connected with other bro's who are currently NOT part of our little network here, let them know about it, have them contact me and I'll get them added to the roster.

And finally, we have a new leader in the clubhouse for the Old Bro "farthest distance away from a pitburger" title, checking in from over 8,400 miles and 12 time zones away, the Deputy Chief of Mission for the U.S. Embassy in Oman (pretty snazzy title, don't you think) ……… we all know him simply as EpSig 682 ……… Vic Hurtado !! 

New and updated e-cards have been e-mailed to everyone, and the website lists have been updated as well.

As usual, if you have any contact info for Old Bro's NOT already on the list, send it to me and I'll get them added to the group.  Or, if I managed to screw up anyone's info somehow (hey ….. shit happens) send me the correct info and I'll fix that too.

Keep up the great work, Old Bro's ….. our roster count now stands at 88, and we are closing in fast on 100 !!  Who do YOU think will be the celebrated 100th Old Bro ??  Should we hold a "100 Club" party in his honor and see if he makes it all the way through without relieving himself to win the coveted "Iron Bladder Award" ??  Stay tuned …..


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