Friday, January 14, 2011

New Old Bro's + Updates - Jan 14, 2011

The Old Bro Network has been busy this week, adding contact info for FIFTEEN more Old Bro's to our ever expanding list of contact info, plus an update to two of our existing Old Bro's.

There are multiple recipients of the Old Bro Network "Stud of the Week" award, all of whom forwarded contact info on other Old Bro's for inclusion on the list. These studs are Harold Hofer, Gerald Sauer, Tom Larson, Steve Walbridge, and Bill Schlichter.  Thanks to them for helping the Old Bro Network to grow just a little bit.

This week's new Old Bro's are:

1)   EpSig 743     Don Tringali
2)   EpSig 816     Jon Weiglin
3)   EpSig 648     Gary Williams
4)   EpSig 759     Mark Ritchie
5)   EpSig 792     BJ Violett
6)   EpSig 750     Bill Bender
7)   EpSig 678     Steve Robbins
8)   EpSig 853     David Neuman
9)   EpSig 812     Dan Godwin
10) EpSig 838     Steve Aylward
11) EpSig 704     Michael Feinberg
12) EpSig 760     Dave Shapiro
13) EpSig 859     Bruce Schuman
14) EpSig 644     Gary Messerotes
15) EpSig 650     Pete Phelps

These additions bring the total number of Old Bro's in this network to EIGHTY ONE ..... pretty impressive.  E-cards for each of these guys have been e-mailed out to the Old Bro Network, please feel free to drop these guys a note, say howdy or whatever and welcome them into the Old Bro Network.

Also, Mike Cummings (EpSig 649) and Gerald Sauer (EpSig 803) have updated their info, their revised e-cards were e-mailed out to the network as well.

As always, if anyone has info on any Old Bro's currently NOT on the list, drop me a note and I'll make sure to get them added.  Also, if your info isn't right, or if it changes, drop me a note and I'll fix that as well.

EpSig 700

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