Monday, January 10, 2011

LinkedIn group for EpSig's

(previously e-mailed on 12/16/10)

I know of several old bro's out there that currently participate in the social network for business known as LinkedIn.  For the rest of you Neanderthals, LinkedIn is an online service that allows you the ability to "connect" and exchange contact info with and about people you do business with in your professional lives. LinkedIn currently has over 80 million members and its membership is growing at the rate of a new member EVERY SECOND.

One of the features of LinkedIn is that members can join into or create their own Groups, in order to facilitate the sharing of professional info in a narrower niche than the entire 80 million strong database.  It is with this feature in mind that Old Bro Mike Cummings (EpSig 649) has created a group within LinkedIn for Lambda Chi's from UCLA.  Click on the link below for more info about it …..

Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity - Epsilon Sigma Zeta Alumni

In order to join this group, you must first be a member of LinkedIn.  A basic membership is FREE, go to if you're interested, follow the simple instructions and faster than you can hum the tune to "Mary Sue Barnes" ….. you are now LinkedIn !!

Some of the old bro's I know of using LinkedIn are VERY well connected in their professional lives.  Of the eighteen old bro's I'm connected with on LinkedIn, half of them have 100+ connections, a few have 200+ connections, and the title of MOST well connected old bro goes to Dave Adelman, who has 500+ connections.

Aside from Adelman and Cummings, other old bro's who I know are on LinkedIn are Mike Benavente, Vic Caldwell, Chuck Campbell, Bob Craig, Kirk Feldman, Ron Jackson, Jim Kaldem, Mike LaCroix, John Lopez, Terry Maroney, Larry Mazzeo, Pat Murray, Gary Schwary, Nick Svetcoff, Lee Troxler, and John Woodlock.  I'm sure there are others out there, and I encourage all of you to join Mike's group and connect with the other old bro's on the site.  It can be a valuable tool in your professional lives.

Cheers, MJH

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