Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Alumni Wine Tasting Event - Feb. 13

Forwarding along this e-mail I received, here's an official Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Event happening on 2/13, just in case your social calendar has an open spot in between the Super Bowl on 2/6 and the Daytona 500 on 2/20 ...... Cheers, MJH

Orange County Alumni Event - Wine Tasting
Cabernet is King
Dear Brother Harness,

On January 11th, 61 alumni brothers and guests enjoyed socializing and hearing an update on the General Fraternity at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach. The LA-Orange County Alumni Association is pleased to invite you to attend the February alumni event in Orange.

Many will tell you that, in the world of wine, 'Cabernet is king.' On Sunday, February 13, we cordially invite the alumni brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha and their ladies to join us to explore a selection of exciting Cabernets. The presentation will mainly focus on examples from Napa Valley, but we'll also have some intriguing things from other appellations (and countries) for comparison as well. We'll lay out about a dozen wines along with appropriate cheeses and bread. The event will be at Wine Exchange in the city of Orange from 3-5PM, cost will be $39 per person, advanced reservations recommended. Please RSVP with Wine Exchange Owner, Brother Steve Zanotti (USC '73) at (714) 974-1454. You may also e-mail steve@winex.com to reserve your spot by credit card. Mark your calendars and call your bro's!


Wine Exchange
1500 E Village Way #2365 (Tustin & Heim)
Orange, CA.

Wine Exchange ( winex.com) has been around since 1982 and completed the wine tasting portion of the store where the event will be held, called Uncorked, just last year. They have produced over 1000 wine events both small and large in their history. But the intent here is to create a casual environment that is open to both connoisseurs and novices alike. You can taste one wine, or try them all, along with appropriate breads and cheeses. It can be as much or as little about the wine as you choose to make it; the one difference here is that we are all linked through fraternity

t: 800.76.WINEX
t: 714.974.1454
f: 714.974.1792
Sincerely yours in ZAX,

Art Veyna (Cal Poly '83)
LA-OC Alumni Assoc. Chair

Dan Hartmann
Associate Director of Alumni Relations
Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity

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